6 Biggest Carpet Care Mistakes

November 2, 2016 / Carpet Maintenance
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6 Biggest Carpet Care Mistakes

The 6 biggest carpet care mistakes that people make.

1. Waiting Too Long for a Cleaning

You should have your carpet cleaned every 12 months or more depending on your lifestyle. Just because it appears to be clean doesn’t mean that it is.

2. Cleaning Carpet Yourself

Homeowners are not carpet cleaners and do not have access to the proper cleaning agents required to clean today’s stain resistant carpets. The equipment available to homeowners is equally as bad, not able to get anywhere near the high temperature or suction power as a professional unit. In an attempt to save some money can you can permanently damage your floor and void your warranty.

3. Choosing Pro Carpet Cleaning Based on Price Alone

Carpet cleaning is a service business and, as with any business, it has to turn a profit to keep the doors open. When you hire a company solely based on their low price, odds are that they are cutting cost by buying low budget detergent based cleaners and cheap equipment. The resulting carpet will be left too wet with a sticky residue, attracting soil and needing to be cleaned more often. This cycle will shorten the life of your floor and, ultimately, cost you thousands of dollars to replace it.

4. Using Chemical or Dry Method

This process that was designed for commercial cleaning only, and should never be used to clean residential carpet, will void all residential carpet manufacture warranties.

5. Using Any Cleaning Service Because You Plan to Replace Carpet Soon

The majority of the time people are unhappy with their floor because they have been misled into believing it is “as good as it is going to get”. Advantage Steam has been able to prolong the life of carpet for 5 to 10 years for new clients that were ready to replace it, increasing their indoor air quality and saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

6. Skipping Teflon (Scotch Guard) After Carpet is Properly Cleaned

Carpet is an investment. In fact one of the biggest in your life. When you Teflon your carpet you are protecting your investment. all carpet manufacturers recommend that you steam clean and reapply Teflon every 12 months. Some manufacturers require that you reapply Teflon or your warranty may be voided.

We follow all warranty guidelines, using only high-quality non-toxic cleaners and spot removers. Advantage Steam is one of the only companies in the region to achieve a true steam cleaning by consistently using water heated over 212 degrees on your floor.

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