Facts About Carpet Cleaning

January 4, 2017 / Carpet Cleaning
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Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Facts About Carpet Cleaning

FACT #1 - Over ninety percent of professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction cleaning as their primary method for residential carpet cleaning.

Advantage Steam is one only a few to use steam cleaning (water heated over 212 degrees) on carpets in this region.

FACT #2 - No carpet cleaning method removes all soiling.

Steam Cleaning, when done properly by a trained, certified professional cleaner, is the most effective carpet cleaning method for removing the greatest percentage (99%) of soiling, allergens, and bacteria.

FACT #3 - No carpet cleaning method leaves zero cleaning solution or moisture residue behind

However, steam cleaning, when used properly, leaves the least amount of residue behind after cleaning and is the only method that uses superheated water to freely rinse cleaning solutions from the carpet.

FACT #4 – Steam cleaning contributes to a healthier indoor environment by extracting soil, pollutants, allergens, and sources of bacteria.

This process leaves your carpet in a like-new condition.

FACT #5 - All dry carpet cleaning methods mix their cleaning chemicals with water.

All dry cleaning methods are primarily recommended by fiber producers and carpet mills for appearance maintenance cleaning for commercial carpeting only. Dry cleaning will void any residential carpet warranty. Also, dry cleaning chemicals contain strong solvent chemicals which may actually be harmful if used improperly.

FACT #6 – Our advanced "Vacuum Balanced" Steam Cleaning is not only the most effective method for cleaning carpets.

It dries faster than ever before, usually within four to twenty-four hours, depending on soil conditions.

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