Is Your Flooring an Investment or a Commodity

May 3, 2017 / General
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Is Your Flooring an Investment  or a Commodity

Is Your Flooring an Investment or a Commodity

Would you be surprised to learn that flooring is the third largest single investment made by most people?

Your home and your automobile may be the only two larger single investments before your carpet or floor. Sure, if you add up all of your furniture and other valuables, the sum might equal more than what your floor cost, but as a single stand-alone investment, it ranks. The question is, do you treat it that way? How do you get the most out of your investment?

You maintain your investments, right? You maintain your home so that it will retain its value. You maintain your vehicle by changing the oil on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs.

Your carpet deserves the same treatment. It should be maintained through regular vacuuming, prompt spot removal, regular professional cleaning, and the application of carpet protector.

Your carpet should be vacuumed once or twice a week, and professional cleaning should take place before the carpet has visible soil. Clean heavy traffic areas as often as they need it. All of your carpeting should be cleaned every 12 months, at least. Carpet manufacturers require hot water extraction cleaning every 18 to 24 months to retain texture retention warranties.

Will It Hurt My Carpet To Clean it Too Often?

Not if it is cleaned properly. It is important to have your carpet cleaned by a trained, professional carpet cleaning firm, rather than a cleaner that offers cheap prices and provides cheap service.

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